The McGuire Business Plan Competition, an initiative corroborating innovative entrepreneurial ventures, recently concluded its latest edition. A team led by student Bronwyn Dugtig and a Monash South Africa (MSA) employee claimed the top prize.
The contest has been catering to students across the global Laureate network, and so far overseen presentation of one fifty business proposals from thirty-four institutions around the world.
Dugtig, chief of community interactions at MSA, has continually mentored roughly fifty students with each passing year. Her winning proposition, My Voice, seeks to equip South Africa’s learners with the requisite prowess needed to engage, speak, and lead within a democratic society. Its comprehensive curriculum is geared towards human rights, democratic institutions and their roles, policy development, plus voter rights and responsibilities. Most importantly, its content adheres to the South African constitution.
Dugtig notes that failure in acquiring the desired outcomes has paved for disillusionment amongst the masses, and that’s why many people seem to be shying away from the democratic process as they do not know the channels to focus on. Therefore, there is a need to teach people how to engage actively in a democracy, an approach that could yield collective direction of “the peoples’ futures.”
She further asserts that participating in the competition has proved quite invaluable, as they’ve now attained the credibility they need to enroll schools across the country.


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